Authentic furniture, carvings, screens, trunks, benches, scrolls, alter tables, well buckets, wheel barrows, porcelain, work tools and ceramic pieces, from Mainland China.
    Our goal is to bring you a wide selection of ^One of a Kind ̄ items. All hand-made and decorated originating in the past and hand picked for you by the owner.
    We have a limited selection of contemporary pieces, but our focus is from previous decades and generations.


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  Month: March 23-25 2017  
  show name: Boise Flower&Garden Show  
  Location: Boise Idaho  
  Month: April  20-23 2017  
  show name: Puyallup Spring Fair  
  Location: Puyallup Fairgrounds  
  Month: April  28-30 2017  
  show name:  Idea Fair  
  Location: Clark County Fairgrounds  
  Month: July 14-16 2017  
  show name: Palmer Wirf Antique Show  
  Location: Portland Expo Center  
  Month: Aug 18-21 2017  
  show name: Seattle Gift Show  
  Location: Seattle Convention Center  
  Month: Sept 1-24 2017  
  show name: Washington State Fair  
  Location: Puyallup Fairgrounds